New article ‘Ten years of banking crisis, or: moral and spiritual crisis?’

In September and October, the media actively commemorated ’10 years of banking crisis’. In 2008, the western financial world did indeed shake on its foundations. It was an unprecedented crisis that had brought the entire economy to a few millimeters of the total collapse. And the consequences can still be felt today. But on the other hand, this should not surprise us at all. The entire Western culture has been in a deep identity crisis for several centuries: under the economic catastrophe was (and still is) a moral and spiritual crisis: the traditional values and norms have been cut away like the legs under a chair. When I had seen a documentary and some films about the banking crisis, I saw countless parallels with our cultural crisis. For me this dramatic event is like a ‘parable’ that shows us what is going on at a deeper level in our secular, postmodern time.

It has become a solid article (10 pages, albeit illustrated with pictures). It is also a deeper elaboration of chapter 4.8.2 in my book ’95 Theses on Humanism’. The first part explains the economic mechanisms of what happened (a bit technical, but not too much either), and then I draw some conclusions on a spiritual/philosophical level. In my eyes a hallucinatory story!

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