My first English book: 95 Theses on Humanism

For all my English speaking friends: it is with great joy that I can present to you my first book translated into English. It feels like a baby that has been born after 20 years of pregnancy. And the subject is a very important one: the new secular thinking in the western world in which we live every day.

The title is: “95 Theses on Humanism: Christianity and Enlightenment, Secularism and Freethinking” (publisher Wipf and Stock, Oregon, US, 202 p.)

It certainly is a challenge to live in a secular society and it’s therefore important to understand this mindset in order to be able to recognize it in every domain of our world, and see through it. Putting man in the centre of everything instead of God seems more ‘rational’, but when you really analyse this, it makes no sense and is not consistent. This book shows where humanism comes from and how it evolved from a Christian movement (Erasmus and Enlightenment) to an anti-Christian ideology.

It is written also for non-believers, using mainly historical, philosophical and moral arguments. But Christians will benefit greatly from it too, since it will help them see the big difference between the humanistic and Christian thought system. Although there is pretty some philosophy in it, it is not academical, but written for a larger audience.

Book details:

Demaerel, Ignace, 95 Theses on Humanism: Christianity and Enlightenment, Secularism and Freethinking, Resource Publications, ISBN 13: 978-1-5326-5536-4

Pub. Date: 8/2/2018

Retail price: $25.00

It will appear as an e-book soon. And other translations (German, French, Hungarian, Czech, Swedish) are on their way too.

The book can be ordered through Amazon, but also through the author himself (at least when you live in Europe, this is quicker and cheaper):